Wednesday, January 9, 2008

GSD (Global Syncorinization Demone is a dummy service after 10.1 .
This is because iOracle does not want to support any other clusters other that CRS.

But you can still find GSD running


Creating VIP application resource on (0) nodes.
Creating GSD application resource on (0) nodes.
Creating ONS application resource on (0) nodes.

Basically GSD is simply a dummy service . will call lsnodes in $CRS_HOME/bin.

lsnodes is obselete in 10.2 all because of GSD. in 10.2 we use olsnode


olsnodes -n nodename

but still you can find lsnodes in $CRS_HOME/bin. this is there just to show GSD service is UP.

lsnodes -n nodename will throw a syntak error ,

Same Script:

if olsnodes = o


return 0
return 0


The If condition will never be true since lsnodes has a syntak error . So the piece of code that executes in is just

return(0) from the else condition.

To check this

mv gsdct gsdct.old
touch gsdctl

srvctl start nodeapps -n

Still your cluster will function normal.


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